Where there’s A WILL, there’s a WAY!


Clock doesn’t work, I might be late! Cigarette lighter doesn’t work, I can’t charge my cell phone😱.
I’m thinking its a fuse…. I could schedule an appointment and have them tell me what I thought I already knew was wrong… Or, I could figure it out myself! Get the owners manual out, YouTube the question, ask a friend.
Many times there are things that may not be our expertise so we don’t think we would even know where to begin. But there IS a solution if we search for the answers. Sometimes it’s more simple than we anticipated. Sometimes we look into it, gain knowledge, and still have to pass it on to the pros!
I had gone months with no clock, and all I had to do was open the owners manual and find where the fuses were. It showed me pictures of what to do…. There were even extra fuses, so I didn’t have to buy one!

Where there’s a will, there IS a way!

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