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Walking Sticks 2

Day 3 was Ice Cream and Day 4 was popcorn…. so those don’t really need a recipe! Day 5 was Walking Sticks. Hearing from the kids themselves, this was their favorite snack of the week!
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When their “Sticks” we gone, little fingers worked quite well for making sure every bit of frosting was gone!

Our lesson for this day was important for me to hear too. God’s Word is our “Walking Stick” through life. It helps us walk wisely, make good choices, and guides us though important decisions in life. The more we lean on it, the stronger we become!

Walking Sticks

2 large pretzel rods

2 Tbl. white frosting

1/2 tsp. chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed

Place 2 tablespoons of white frosting in the bottom of a condiment cup. Add 1/2 teaspoon of crushed chocolate cookies to the top of icing. Finish off with 2 pretzel rods and serve.


– Kids can crush their own cookies! Place the cookies in a small plastic bag and let the pound the cookies with their fists.
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