Stair Workout


Stair Workout

Fitness…. Some people ask me how I can make all this great food and stay skinny. Well, I workout! I don’t even like to think of it as skinny, rather fit and healthy! It is my goal to workout EVERYDAY, first thing in the morning, and somehow life comes along and plans my rest days for me! But, everyday is the goal. I set my clothes out the night before, so I get right out of bed and am ready for my workout.

This weekend I’m not at home, and there is this huge 3 tier staircase leading down to our lake and that is my gym for the weekend! Here is the workout, in fast motion. Lace up you favorite pair of shoes, grab a pair of headphones, set your favorite playlist and do each set 3-6 times depending on the how big your staircase is. Do a set of pushups in between each set.
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