Stair Workout


Stair Workout

Fitness…. Some people ask me how I can make all this great food and stay skinny. Well, I workout! I don’t even like to think of it as skinny, rather fit and healthy! It is my goal to workout EVERYDAY, first thing in the morning, and somehow life comes along and plans my rest days […]

Blackberry Cake Torte

Blackberry Cake Torte

Summer Sweets! Cakes, cookies, bars. There are all kinds of outdoor events, BBQ’s, campouts, etc. that require some sweet treats to be shared…. then shared again! This Blackberry Cake Torte is perfect for using up those late summer berries.It is also a pretty easy recipe given the fancy name and gourmet taste! Blackberry Cake Torte […]

Michaela’s Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things!


Michaela’s Favorite Things! When you find things that work and that you love… you just want to share them with the world! So, below are some of my favorite things! MAC Lipstick – Lipstick! I rarely leave the house without it! I have been using MAC lipstick for a long time. It lasts a long […]

Your BEST Photo Tips!


After 16 years of singing on stages, multiple photo shoots and concert photos, I have learned some tips for looking great in (almost) every picture!! I compiled a simple, quick check list of things to remember when a camera, or selfie stick is held up in front of you! Your BEST Photo Tips will be […]