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Last night I had the opportunity to attend a live cooking show of one of televisions favorite cooks, Guy Fieri. You may know him best from “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” The show was held downtown Orlando, FL at the beautiful Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center in the Walt Disney World Theater. I managed to snag a 2nd row seat because I was alone, not bad for arriving 15 minutes ahead of showtime!Guy Fieri on statge

Since I’m a girl, let me take a minute and let me share his attire for the evening! He wore a custom tailored chef’s jacket made out of blue jean material. With leather accents around the cuffs and collar. The back had a large embroidered appliqué of of his logo about a “knuckle sandwich”. Needless to say it was the coolest, most unique, chef jacket I have ever seen!

He told countless stories, about his family while he interacted with the audience and cooked. He reiterated many times how his family is everything to him. He loves cooking with his 2 boys and the TV show “Guy and Hunter’s European Vacation” is about their cooking adventures abroad. He stated how that experience was one of the best of his life. I can relate since I travel the country with my family as well!
One of the highlights was when he had a group of kids come up and make “Danger Dogs” with him. He taught them, quizzed them and teased them. It was so great to watch the kids make this awesome dish. Since I was in the 2nd row I got to taste test the hot dog! It was stuffed with jalapenos, rolled in bacon, fried, then topped with salsa, placed in a grilled bun and served! It was amazing!
Guy made 3 dishes:
  • Lamb Burgers
  • Danger Dogs
  • Dungeness Crab

Guy was highlighting his book “Guy On Fire”. There was even a golden ticket in one book in the audiance that won his 10 piece cookware set!

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