Stuffed Chicken in Phyllo

Plymouth County Fair Cooking School Recipes

Plymouth Co Fair cooking school

I call this Stuffed Chicken in Plyllo dish, my simple elegance recipe. This was on of the 4 recipes that I presented at the Plymouth County Fair Cooking School this year. With over 500 guests we had a great time with food, fellowship and prizes! A thin chicken breasted stuffed with a 3 cheese and […]

Chicken a la Crescents

Golden Girl Granola

by Michaela Brown

A chicken crescent rolled in honey granola = a home run with my family! This recipe is easy, fun and delicious! My dad is not a fan of spinach but when he tried it he said “well this is a good way to get kids to eat spinach”. I thought to myself, “or a good […]

Lime & Dill Marinated Chicken

Lime & Dill Marinated Chicken

Lime and Dill Marinated Chicken I love marinaded chicken, especially in the summer. Chicken is a staple on my grill. I have it A LOT! Therefore it can become mundane, so the marinade is where I get creative to change up the flavors! Let it sit overnight in a plastic bag or a dish covered […]

Chicken with French Salsa


The tangy flavor of French dressing has always been my favorite! Yes, even over the most popular…. Ranch! This chicken dish adds a mixture of fresh veggies to make a warm salsa covering chicken breasts cooked in French dressing! Chicken with French Salsa ½ c. French dressing (can use fat free) 4 chicken breasts, boned […]