Chicken Crescent Almondine

Chicken Cresent Almondine

I love the month of April, and not just because it is my birthday month!! April brings spring into view. Along with all the greens, blossoms, showers and new life with it. This Chicken Crescent Almondine is definitely spring dish. Almonds and crescent rolls over top of a creamy mixture of chicken, celery, water chestnuts […]

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Scotland Recipes

Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Central to the traditional Scottish way of life, poultry and game have always played a key role. From the hunt dining halls to the remote cottages of the Highlands and Islands. Chicken pie is a favorite throughout Scotland, especially the Lowlands.   Chicken and Mushroom Pie ¼ c. butter 2 Tbl. flour 1 c. hot […]

Stuffed Chicken in Phyllo

Plymouth County Fair Cooking School Recipes

Plymouth Co Fair cooking school

I call this Stuffed Chicken in Plyllo dish, my simple elegance recipe. This was on of the 4 recipes that I presented at the Plymouth County Fair Cooking School this year. With over 500 guests we had a great time with food, fellowship and prizes! A thin chicken breasted stuffed with a 3 cheese and […]

Chicken a la Crescents

Golden Girl Granola

by Michaela Brown

A chicken crescent rolled in honey granola = a home run with my family! This recipe is easy, fun and delicious! My dad is not a fan of spinach but when he tried it he said “well this is a good way to get kids to eat spinach”. I thought to myself, “or a good […]

Red, White & Blue Salad in a Jar

4th of July

Red White and Blue Salad in a Jar

4th of July, summer picnics, and bon fires after dark. All three call for some special treats from the kitchen! A few weeks ago my book club had an indoor picnic (due to rain!) and my friend, Heather, brought the most colorful, hearty salads…. In a mason jar! I took the idea home and put […]

Lime & Dill Marinated Chicken

Lime & Dill Marinated Chicken

Lime and Dill Marinated Chicken I love marinaded chicken, especially in the summer. Chicken is a staple on my grill. I have it A LOT! Therefore it can become mundane, so the marinade is where I get creative to change up the flavors! Let it sit overnight in a plastic bag or a dish covered […]

Chicken with French Salsa


The tangy flavor of French dressing has always been my favorite! Yes, even over the most popular…. Ranch! This chicken dish adds a mixture of fresh veggies to make a warm salsa covering chicken breasts cooked in French dressing! Chicken with French Salsa ½ c. French dressing (can use fat free) 4 chicken breasts, boned […]